Many places have been closely associated with the Ormerod Family through the ages.

Ormerod is the seat of the main branch of the Ormerod Family, whilst a branch of the Ormerods of Rossendale lived at the now abandoned settlement of Gambleside.

Kirkdale, in Yorkshire, is the site of a church founded by Orm, son of Gamel, in the period immediately before the Norman Conquest of England.

The Fighting Cocks Inn in Mereclough is the subject of an Ormerod tale that has entered into local folklore, and seeks to explain how after several centuries Hurstwood Hall came back into the hands of the Ormerod Family.

Details of Ormerods in areas of the British Isles away from Lancashire and Yorkshire can be found be clicking on Ormerods around the British Isles.

There is a particular Ormerod link to the town of South Australia and details of some of the Ormerods who emigrated to the Antipodes can be found by clicking on Australian Ormerods.

The village of Waddington is the seat of the Waddington Family, further details of whom can be found in the History section of this site.